Проблемы (problems) - игра с карточками на английском

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Проблемы (problems) - игра с карточками на английском

Проблемы (problems) - игра с карточками на английском, которая поможет отработать такие грамматические структуры как If I were you, I would… и You should…

На каждой карточке написана проблема, которую необходимо решить. Ученик вытягивает карточку и зачитывает то, что написано. Один или несколько учеников должны посоветовать, как справиться с данной ситуацией, используя необходимые грамматические структуры.

My neighbors listen to loud music every night. I cannot sleep.

I am very tired and I want to go on vacation, but my boss doesn`t allow me.

I have a very important exam tomorrow, but I don`t know the subject well.

I am in love with my boss. I am afraid to tell him/her.

I have a bikini photo shoot in a week, but I cannot stop eating sweets.

I want to study Italian, but I have no free time.

I want to have a dog, but my spouse is against it.

My roommate takes my clothes without asking me.

My friends had an argument. I want to invite them both to my birthday. I am afraid they will spoil the celebration.

I am invited to a sushi bar for the first date. I am allergic to fish.

My friend`s dog spoilt the plants in my yard yesterday.

My room is too messy, but I hate cleaning.

I want to go to the cinema tonight, but all my friends are busy.

I want to change my job, but I am afraid of job interviews.

I want to go fishing this weekend, but my spouse wants to play tennis together.

I have to print some papers, but my printer is not working.
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