Вечеринка (party) - игра с карточками на английском

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Вечеринка (party) - игра с карточками на английском

Вечеринка (party) - игра с карточками на английском рассчитана на группу студентов. Каждая карточка содержит информацию о человеке. Студенты читают информацию и разыгрывают встречу на вечеринке.

С помощью данной игры студенты учатся знакомиться, рассказывать о своей профессии, семье и хобби, а также задавать вопросы и отвечать на них.

Также можно попросить представить друг другу или преподавателю того, с кем они уже успели познакомиться, или найти общие интересы.

You are John. You are an American dancer. You are 36 and you live in California. You are divorced. You like music and sports.

You are Helen and you are a librarian. You are married and you have a son Mike. You are 45 years old. You like reading and cooking for your family.

You are Jenny. You are a student and you want to be an actress. You are 20. You were born in Canada, but you live in New York. You like theatre and movies. You are single.

You are Elisabeth. You live in England and you are a chef. You are 42 and you have your own restaurant. You are a widow with 2 children. You like cooking and swimming.

You are Olivia. You are a lawyer from Scotland. You are happily married. You don`t have children. You are 33 years old. You like parties and watching TV.

You are Andre. You live in Paris. You are 68 years old and you are married. You have a granddaughter. You are a doctor. You like driving and reading books.

You are Alejandro. You live in Spain and you are 34. You have a girlfriend. You are a musician. You love art and cars.

You’re Juanita. You are Mexican. You are a school teacher. You’re 47 and you are married. You have 3 children – two boys and a girl. You like animals and children.

You’re Emma. You’re a German nurse. You live in Berlin and you have a boyfriend. You’re 27 years old. You like medicine and psychology.

You are Nina. You are from Russia. You live in Moscow. You are 24 years old. You are a model. You like fashion and travelling. You are single.

You are Ruby. You are an owner of a bookshop. You are a widow and you have a daughter June. You like children and books.

You are Sarah. You are an American writer. You are married and you have three sons. You are 41. You like travelling and magazines.

You are Mia. You are an artist from New Zealand. You are 38 and you have twin daughters. You are married. You like architecture and travelling.

You are Sam. You are a detective. You are divorced, you have a baby. You are 33 and you live in Washington D.C. You like walking your dog in the park.

You are Rita. You are a gymnast. You are an Olympic champion. You have a boyfriend. You are 22 years old. You like sports and music. You live in Canada.

You are Mario. You are an engineer from Italy. You live in Bergamo. You like architecture and jogging. You are 32 and you have a wife.

You are Sylvia. You live in Switzerland. You are a blogger. You have a husband and a baby girl. You are 28 years old. You like psychology and healthy lifestyle.

You are Dina. You are 83 and you are retired. You have three cats. You live in Cardiff. You like reading books to your grandchildren. You enjoy cooking and gardening.
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